We're Doing Some Modeling...

We'd really like to offer people the chance to use 3D printing technology to make their own replacement car parts, at least when these parts:

  1. Are simple (i.e. no moving pieces)
  2. Are relatively basic in shape
  3. Would benefit from being offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes

Initially, we envision plastic pieces like door handles and wheel covers could be printed for roughly the same cost as a factory replacement or a custom after-market part, but that's what we're trying to figure out.

If you want to be kept up to speed on what we learn - or if you'd like to contribute - please sign up. Our plan is to be a "freemium" service, where we offer some basic parts for free (just download the .stl file, upload it to your favorite printing company, and go) and the more complex parts for a small download fee.

Stay up to date on what we're doing

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